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Active Administrator Version 5 History

Active Administrator 5.6.1 ( - GA Release 08-02-10)

  • ENH: Adjusted Evaluation licensing restrictions - Removed two server limitation for agent deployment and auditing & increased GPO and AD backup limitation from one domain previously to support two domains during Evaluations

  • ENH: GPO Restore now includes a "restore operation complete" notification

  • FIX: After a new license is applied the License Dashboard displays previous license information until Console is restarted

  • FIX: Corrected report problem on German OS with Active Administrator Notification Service reporting error (event ID 1002, "An error occurred while processing alert notification")

  • FIX: Incorrect function of option to override the default temp folder used during an AD backups

Active Administrator 5.6 ( - GA Release 07-01-10)
  • ENH: New role based access for Active Administrator - AA Application Trustees & Permissions

  • ENH: Resultant Set of Policies Modeling & Reporting, adds preferences for Win 2008 & R2 and all HTML style reports

  • ENH: Start pages, new in Console & enhanced in Server Manager Console - find what you need fast

  • ENH: Start pages, new ability to send Customer Feedback, browse online ScriptLogic knowledgebase and help

  • ENH: Active Audit, new events for Domain controller changes (Windows starting up, shutting down, or system time change)

  • ENH: Active Audit, new events for Domain information (System Audit Policy Change, Win 2008 & Vista)

  • ENH: Active Audit, more AA system events, for AA Trustees and Permissions info & AA agents able to reconnect to database

  • ENH: Auditing agent, now works without WMI to deploy agents

  • ENH: Server Manager, Configuration Report includes new ability to schedule and automate delivery to email or UNC file share

  • ENH: Server Manager, Configuration Report includes more data, DCs, agents, status, info on AA Trustees and Permissions

  • ENH: Server Manager, Email configurations, test email option now supports alternate credentials as well

  • ENH: Console, Security, Usability improvements with multi-select and double click to view object details

  • ENH: Console, Recovery, pre-populates the password recovery length selection with default domain password policy

  • ENH: Group Policy, new ability to link GPOs directly to Organizational Units (OUs)

  • ENH: Group Policy, Usability improvements, new easy-to-use GPO selection screen, new copy & paste functionality

  • ENH: Group Policy, Restore, Usability improvement includes a step to compare during restore process and new report

  • ENH: New Licensing Dashboard to ease customer license handling

  • FIX: Security, 'Modify Template' menu item is enabled if several ATs are selected

  • FIX: Security, "Exactly these Generic Rights" option did not search lower-level containers

  • FIX: Console Error, Security & ATs, An item with the same key has already been added. (mscorlib) when creating or modifying Active Template for "Contact" or "User"

  • FIX: AD Backup configuration, option to override the default temp folder used during an AD backup did not work

  • FIX: Recovery, "force restore password" option should not be grayed out in UI dialog

  • FIX: Recovery, Objects could not be restored from ADAM/LDAS server

  • FIX: Console, Auditing filters, closing and reopening caused reports with 'Exclude Selected Locations' option of 'Affected Object Locations' filter to change to 'Include Selected Locations'

  • FIX: Console, Auditing filters, option for groups & users ('Include users in the following groups') was not working correctly

  • FIX: Scheduled reports show watermark background image "Evaluation Version"

  • FIX: Server Manager, Notification alert previous event selections remain checked when editing a new alert

  • FIX: Active Administrator agents show deactivated after running the Scriptlogic diagnostic utility

Active Administrator 5.5 ( Released 01-11-10)
  • ENH: New Group Policy Comparison Reporting

  • ENH: New Group Policy Preference Management and Reporting

  • ENH: Group Policy Reporting including GPO comments entered when making Group Policy changes

  • ENH: Multi-forest support throughout the application

  • ENH: New and updated reports on GP settings, familiar HTML/GPMC style GP reporting

  • ENH: AD Recycle Bin support for restore (Win2008 R2)

  • ENH: New Fine grained password policy configuration and management (Win2008 and above)

  • ENH: New fine grained password policy configuration and management (Win2008 and above)

  • ENH: Automated discovery and auditing of any all new DCs/RODCs

  • ENH: New platform support on Win2008 R2, Server Core and Windows 7

  • ENH: The "Publish to Live GPO" option is unavailable if the user does not have 'Write' access to that GPO (US876)

  • ENH: Provided a search box in the 'Acting Users' audit filter which can filter partial matches of user names (US770)

  • ENH: Significant performance improvements when contacting and listing contents of domain controllers in the AA console

  • ENH: Numerous small enhancements around workflow and for usability

  • ENH: Updates on "New/Modify" Active Template dialog to provide a better method for loading, filtering and selecting objects and permissions

  • ENH: Indicate Active Template status higher in the tree (broken templates now show at top level)

  • ENH: Informational messages on best practices similar to WS2008

  • ENH: Server management console now contains a new Health Summary Report of AA configurations

  • ENH: Server management framework now supports Action based alerting, so auditing conditions can not only trigger notifications but also subsequent actions to be invoked (such as an executable or PowerShell scripts)

  • ENH: New ability to set email priority setting for email notifications

  • ENH: New ability to move an agent which is monitoring multiple DCs to a new server together with all the configurations, available in the server console

  • ENH: Notification service improvements for better performance at large sites

  • ENH: Usability improvements with auditing filters and new ability to link scheduled reports to groups

  • ENH: Support for IPV6 throughout

  • FIX: Security: It is possible to invoke context menu at the distance from the tree (DE268)

  • FIX: DC List' column header in the 'Manage Domain Controllers' dialog window doesn't sort (DE845)

  • FIX: Unnecessary column in 'Delegation of Control' dialog window (DE856)

  • FIX: Cannot restore specific password to user account (DE884)

  • FIX: Incorrect scrolling by mouse in 'Compare GPOs' window (DE1055)

  • FIX: 2 installed 'Active Administrator 5.5 Console' are shown in 'Uninstall or change a program' after upgrade (DE1117)

  • FIX: Server Configuration report has too much whitespace (DE1121)

  • FIX: A green-circle icon indicating an applied Active Template (AT) appears at the domain's Root when no AT is applied at any level. (DE1132)

  • FIX: Quick Search in 'Edit Report Filter' window - 'Acting User' doesn't work (DE1133)

  • FIX: Select/Clear All Users in 'Edit Report Filter' window - 'Acting User' doesn't work (DE1134)

  • FIX: Incorrect delete Permissions after multiple selection perms with use CTRL (DE1144)

  • FIX: Missing "Registry Settings" section of RSoP All Settings Report (DE1152)

  • FIX: Incorrect Date Format in ExtraReports if other Regional Settings are used. (DE1154)

  • FIX: Right click menu item for 'Compare Offline GPO to Live GPO' not working (DE1156)

  • FIX: Clicking the 'View Report' control results in an exception if the database uses a case-sensitive SQL collation (DE1157

  • FIX: Error appears after trying to set the Console's 'Acting Users' auditing filter (DE1158)

  • FIX: Seconds are absent in 'Active Directory Audit Report' (DE1159)

  • FIX: Exception appears when expanding the 'Trusted External Domains' node on the 'Password Policies' tab (DE1160)

  • FIX: Auditing Agent installation packages (MSIs) need names updated to reflect version (DE1162)

  • FIX: If 'Block Inheritance' is enabled on an OU, the 'GPO Modeling Results - All Settings' report for 'Folder Redirection' settings is empty (DE1163)

  • FIX: An exception may occur when the 'View Group Members' button on the 'Native Permissions' panel is activated (DE1164)

  • FIX: Notification Service sends multiple e-mails for a single account deletion, although records are written into DB correctly (DE1165)

  • FIX: Auditing: Notification Service work incorrect. We get 99 e-mails about deleted accounts, if 100 accounts deleted really (DE1166)

  • FIX: DC Discovery: DC Name in upper-case after installation onto it DC Agent with use Automated agent deployment (DE1167)

  • FIX: DC Discovery: 'Automated Agent Deployment' doesn't determine situation when AD is removed from DC (DE1168)

  • FIX: DC Discovery: 'Excluded DCs' list is cleared after manually installing a DC Agent (DE1169)

  • FIX: DC Discovery: DCs listed on the 'Excluded Domain Controllers' erroneously appeared on the 'Pending Installations' list (DE1170)

  • FIX: No reaction when a 'BUILTIN' group is selected and the 'View Group Members' button is activated (DE1172)

  • FIX: GPO (copy): Error about absence of the rights to target domain doesn't write into Log file (DE1174)

  • FIX: Computers are also returned by Search for User accounts (DE1180)

  • FIX: Auditing does not work for Windows 2008 R2 server. (DE1182)

  • FIX: Error occurs when trying to open the audit filter dialog (DE1183)

  • FIX: Server and Console version numbers do not match Agent and Advanced Agent version numbers. (DE1184)

  • FIX: Double-clicking on Default Domain Policy object in the GPO History tab caused an exception (DE1185)

  • FIX: Broken Active Templates were not indicated after deletion of one permission (DE223)

  • FIX: Renaming a GPO doesn't affect GP History (DE603)

  • FIX: Multi-selecting GPOs to add to the repository does not work (DE687)

  • FIX: All controls cannot be accessed by pressing the Tab-key to change cursor focus, nor are any 'hot-key' combinations provided (DE688)

  • FIX: Exception occurs during 'Detach database' operation (DE732)

  • FIX: When browsing for an object to restore, clicking the 'Cancel' button no longer clears any previously selected items to restore (DE735)

  • FIX: SLDiagAnalyzer does not recognize all characters captured during SLDIAG collection. (DE741)

  • FIX: Clarity of documentation has been improved regarding "what needs to be installed, and where" (DE762)

  • FIX: GPO comparison report is mixed up showing old versus new and vice-versa (DE763)

  • FIX: Recovery Screen in AA console is missing a refresh option (DE771)

  • FIX: SLDIAG shows incorrect version in SLDiagAnalyzer (DE805)

  • FIX: Email alerts take hours to be delivered in some environments (DE836)

  • FIX: Windows 2008 Event IDs are not able to be resolved in Audit event descriptions (DE976)

  • FIX: Unable to remove the DC that holds the PDC-E FSMO role from the navigation pane (DE977)

  • FIX: Installing AA console tells you 3.5 is required but link prompts you to version 2.0 .NET (DE986)

  • FIX: Error message: "There was no endpoint listening at net.pipelocalhost"(DE1022)

  • FIX: When trying to edit a GPO that has been checked out in the GPO repository, an error is displayed: "Failed to open the Group Policy Object. You may not have appropriate rights. The network name cannot be found" (DE1042)

  • FIX: Unable to run Offline GPO Reports on a Windows 7 computer (DE1043)

  • FIX: AA console, auditing filter list should be presented in alphabetical order (DE1058)

  • FIX: GPO Modeling - GPOs which apply report (DE1100)

  • FIX: GPO Modeling: Parameters in 'Affected Registry Keys' section are shown without applied GPO (DE891)

  • FIX: Server: Error appears in 'Application' log after restart OS with installed AA Server (DE1181)

  • FIX: Incorrect icons for OUs, containing OU with applied/broken ATs (DE1016)

  • FIX: Unable to manage scheduled GPO backups in Windows 2008 (DE1187)

  • FIX: When an "Offline GPO Settings" report is created it has a different name in its title bar ("GPO Repository Report Item") (DE1203)

  • FIX: 'Unidentified Publisher' cited when starting Console using 'Run As Administrator' on Vista with UAC enabled (DE1108)

Active Administrator v5.1.2.628 (10-Sept-09)
  • ENH: DE873 Added ability to install agents on 2008 Server Core (full 2008 R2 support coming in 5.5)

  • FIX: DE541 AA Server: Active Template Repair Service error on particular OS with installed AA Server only

  • FIX: DE766 Error messages purging data in the ASM ("This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable") or("Cannot set Logon property because LoginSecure property is set to true")

  • FIX: DE784 Console slow to load when there are a large number of Domain controllers in environment

  • FIX: DE814 Extended schema attributes are not found in the 'Create a New Active Template' dialog

  • FIX: DE838 Error appears after trying to expand 'Sites' container in 'Group Policy' module - 'GP by Container' tab

  • FIX: DE841 Comments are not saved in GPO History

  • FIX: DE847 Agent Install Wizard does not validate password entry

  • FIX: DE855 Unable to enumerate domain controller in the Manage Domain Controllers dialog if one DC is offline

  • FIX: DE866 Unable to reload the Notification service and the Maintenance service on German OS.

  • FIX: DE867 Notification service does not send alerts to for events specified in multiple alerts.

  • FIX: DE869 Error appears in process of starting services on 2003

  • FIX: DE887 Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Top' when purging from a SQL 2000 database.

  • FIX: DE897 The Notification Service does not work properly when alert limit is set to one hour.

  • FIX: DE961 Agent installer does not run the auditpol command on Windows 2008 servers with SP2

Active Administrator v5.1.1.619 (20-July-09)
  • ENH: Added support for installation of the AA Console on Windows7

  • ENH: Security tab launches faster due to changes in startup code

  • FIX: DE46 'Restore' button is enabled and can invoke a restore operation even though no object to restore has been selected

  • FIX: DE195 Database Wizard 'Attach database' action browses for incorrect file type

  • FIX: DE200 Incorrect message in error list (backup security)

  • FIX: DE232 Error when adding domain when configuring the Active Directory Backup service

  • FIX: DE264 Auditing: No UserID in log for 'DirAddEntry' & 'DirRemoveEntry'

  • FIX: DE265 Auditing: Incorrect UserID in log for 'DirModifyEntry'

  • FIX: DE272 "Active Template Repair Configuration" and "GPO History Configuration" dialogs do not appear in installation process

  • FIX: DE293 Security module: Incorrect menu items in popup menu

  • FIX: DE298 Console crashes after trying to View Report in Auditing module

  • FIX: DE301 Advanced Auditing Agent cannot be removed

  • FIX: DE303 Maintenance Service menu item and Active Administrator Service Engine link are broken

  • FIX: DE304 Spelling Error in Tasks tab: Active Administrator Service Engine

  • FIX: DE320 AA Maintenance Service cannot be uninstalled

  • FIX: DE325 Exception appears in "Schedule" tab of the "Purge Events" window

  • FIX: DE327 Update the EventID for the DirModifyEntry from 1003 to 4001

  • FIX: DE345 AA Console: Error appears after select Auditing Module

  • FIX: DE346 Incorrect status of Advanced Auditing Agent on Windows 2008

  • FIX: DE375 Auditing: Incorrect 'ObjectClass' & 'DN' for 'DirAddEntry' event in Event Log

  • FIX: DE377 Auditing: Incorrect 'Parameters: objectClass=' in event after creating OU

  • FIX: DE498 Incorrect context menu is shown when right-clicking some toolbars in console

  • FIX: DE503 Group Policy module: No right-click menu Refresh

  • FIX: DE506 Date and Time fields are not populated with information when archive file is selected

  • FIX: DE708 Installing the 5.1 Console over the 5.01 Console results in two shortcuts in the Start menu

  • FIX: DE710 A GPO Restore to multiple alternate domains only restores those GPOs to the first domain selected

  • FIX: DE737 Recovery: add radio button to clarify how to restore only security settings

  • FIX: DE759 Error appears after 'Move' object in AD tree

  • FIX: DE760 SLDiag does not work on x64 machines

  • FIX: DE763 GPO comparison report is mixed up showing old versus new and vice-versa.

  • FIX: DE789 Some identies could not be translated on German versions of Windows

  • FIX: DE803 Console > GPO Module > GPO Tab > GPO Links pane > 'Domains to search' drop-down menu does not list 3rd-tier domains

  • FIX: DE823 Wrong text on the agent installation wizard.

Active Administrator v5.1.0.611 (11-May-09)
  • ENH: Advanced Auditing Agents - capture before and after values for attribute changes

  • ENH: Maintenance operations - automated and manual purge of old audit events, backup files and GP History

  • ENH: Self-monitoring of services and agents, with alerts and automated restarts. This includes the ability to audit and send email alerts based on changes made in the server console: installing or uninstalling agents, changes to Event Definitions, creating/modifying/deleting alerts and more

  • ENH: Search feature locates objects and jumps to their position in the AD tree view

  • ENH: Added filtering to the Active Template Delegation Screen, making it easier to navigate OU structures

  • ENH: Support for SQL Express 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Support

  • ENH: Alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses

  • ENH: The columns in the selection of auditing filters can now be sorted, making it easier to select specific user accounts, or events

  • ENH: Installation of Active Administrator Server services has been dramatically simplified and is now achieved through a wizard which includes configuration of all services

  • ENH: The management console Security module now allows selection of multiple objects for modifying properties of multiple objects at once. In addition, disabled accounts are shown with a red cross, and accounts can be enabled, disabled and reset

  • ENH: Windows Server 2008 Read-Only Domain Controllers are indicated throughout the GUI

  • ENH: The menu item to backup and restore Active Directory security from the Security module has been removed. Security on AD objects can be recovered in using the Backup and Recovery module by recovering the values of the nTSecurityDescriptor attribute

  • ENH: In line with Windows Server 2008 terminology, "Resultant Set of Policies" has been renamed in many places as "Modeling"

  • ENH: ScriptLogic Diagnostic tool for Active Administrator application added (SLDIAG)

  • FIX: The event order in the auditing view and reports now exactly matches the DC event logs

  • FIX: AD Auditing shows the variable for an object's name (PROP:OBJNAME) in the 'action text' of an event (DE307)

  • FIX: Customer reports not able to do group restore with 4000 members (DE343)

  • FIX: Unhandled exception - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" (DE379)

  • FIX: Notification Service timeout with Event ID 1002 posted to Application Log (DE381)

  • FIX: Command-line files missing in v5.0.1 have been included (DE389 & 486)

  • FIX: Purge Events timeout in AA version 5.0. (DE558)

  • FIX: The 'User Account' column in the report preview pane of the Auditing module does not use the 'domain\username' format

  • FIX: Unhandled exception in reporting and error on user ID when creating reports (DE646)

  • FIX: User accounts are not sorted alphabetically when first loaded in the 'Acting Users' audit filter (DE717)

  • FIX: In the Alert Wizard, the first column (Definition Name) in the Event Definitions page should be sorted by default (DE720)

  • FIX: When adding an active template delegation for adding computers to a domain, the domain users BUILTIN permission was displayed as template permission (DE648)

  • FIX: Improved agent deployment logic

Active Administrator v5.0.1 (8-Jul-08)
  • FIX: Management of event collection agents now uses FQDN's instead of NetBIOS names

  • FIX: Changed the name of the console installation program to include the word "console"

  • FIX: Set the minimum size of the AASM window

  • FIX: Remove version 4.0/4.1/4.2 agents properly

  • FIX: Recognize an active license when upgrading from a previous version of Active Administrator (4.0/4.1/4.2/5.0)

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the Group Policy tab when no DC is available

  • FIX: Fixed a cosmetic discrepancy between different screens in the Server Management console

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the GPO Offline Repository report

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the GPO History comparison report

  • FIX: Use the new GPO editor if available when editing a GPO from the GPO History tab

  • FIX: Fixed a potential problem when right-clicking on the GPO History tab if there are no history items

  • FIX: Fixed a spelling error in Server Management console Audit database settings

  • FIX: Fixed 2 spelling errors in the Database Wizard

  • FIX: Removed the word "Alpha" from the Assembly info

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the permissions list on the Create Active Template dialog

  • FIX: Fixed a potential problem when creating a new Active Template

  • FIX: Issue with importing large v4 databases into v5

Active Administrator v5.0 (30-Apr-08)
  • FIX: Server (Auditing): 'AD Object Delete', 'AD Object Created' or 'AD Object Change' events are not written into database in 2008 domain

  • FIX: Server (Auditing): 'Purge Events' and some event collectors do not work properly if used with non-US regional settings

  • FIX: Server (Installer): Add check for presence of .NET Framework 2.0

  • FIX: Server (Installer): Missing shortcut for Notification Service Configuration in Start menu after installation

  • FIX: Console (Auditing): View Report, Export - only first page of report is exported when TIFF format selected

  • FIX: Console (Security): Active Templates Delegated Permissions - Window had incorrect title

  • FIX: Console (Security): All field names should be aligned correctly

  • FIX: Console (GPO Repository): GPO Repository - incorrect editor gets used to edit offline GPO's in Win 2008

  • FIX: Console (GPO History Tab) - Unhandled exception from right-click menu options on empty GPO history tab

Active Administrator v5.0Release Candidate 0 (21-Apr-08)
  • ENH: Database import utility to migrate version 4 event auditing data to new version 5.0 database

  • ENH: Upgrade support added to both the console and server installation packages

  • ENH: Database wizard performance enhancements to speed up database creation on SQL 2005

  • ENH: Added command line functionality to support delegation of Active Templates

  • FIX: Added credential validation in agent configuration and startup screens

  • FIX: Resolved issues noted with installer dialogs on Windows Server 2008 displaying incorrectly (hidden or behind other dialogs)

  • FIX: Reviewed event handling and corrected event definitions that were not reported correctly in the database

  • FIX: Database wizard, fixed issue with creating local security groups (was known issue in Beta 2)

Active Administrator v5.0Beta 2 (27-Mar-08)
  • ENH: Overhauled management console, with improved usability and flexibility

  • ENH: New AA Server Management console with streamlined interface, wizards and start page

  • ENH: Improved alert rule creation and management

  • ENH: Report on events in Universal time zone or local time zone

  • ENH: Collection, filtering and reporting on more properties of each event, including the Event ID, affected object types and locations, and success/failure

  • ENH: Improved performance, scalability and robustness of the event collection agents

  • ENH: Increased range of settings in the report scheduler, including the ability to deliver a report to a UNC path

  • ENH: Option to collect data from Domain Controllers using member servers rather than installing agent directly on the DC

  • ENH: Captures more audit including site changes, subnet changes, trust relationship changes and FSMO role holder changes

  • ENH: Add support for auditing Windows Server 2008 events

  • FIX: AD permissions display - added icons to identify ACEs in security tab for Section 508 compliance (previously relied on colors only)

  • FIX: GPO history "show changes" between 2 versions performance improved

Active Administrator Version 4 History

Active Administrator v4.x

  • FIX: Updated Forest Prep utility
  • FIX: Corrected issue with restore of AD objects where object name contained a comma

Active Administrator v4.03
  • FIX: Correct issue with domain names in Forest Prep utility

  • FIX: Documentation describes how to run mail service as domain account

  • ENH: New option on Tools menu to set the starting container for Offline GPO's

  • ENH: License files can now be used to restrict Active Administrator's functionality to one or more Organizational Units (OUs)

Active Administrator v4.02
  • FIX: Event Notify service only loads previous 24 hours of events

  • FIX: Update to EventDefinition file to handle inconsistency between Windows 2000 and 2003

  • FIX: Event Log Monitor agent upgraded to version 125

Active Administrator v4.01
  • ENH: Option to restore user and computer account passwords when undeleting objects with Windows 2003 SP1

  • ENH: Increased performance and efficiency of Domain Controller agent (Security Log Monitor)

  • ENH: Setup dialogs provide better user feedback when configuring services

  • ENH: Added check boxes in Browse tree for Restoring AD objects

  • ENH: Optionally generate random passwords when restoring users

  • ENH: Comments field for each GPO version in GPO History

  • ENH: Temporarily disable alerts during object restore; undelete of objectsand password changes still generate alerts, but changing other attributes does not

  • ENH: Added check boxes and right-click menu to attribute selection list in Object Restore

  • FIX: Uninstalling the Security Log Monitor agents from Domain
  • Controllers broke certain other ScriptLogic products installed on the same computer
  • FIX: Corrected issue where Restore Objectsgenerated an error when restoring the sIDHistory attribute

  • FIX: Corrected issue during install caused by attempt to copy previous settings when Active Administrator had not previously been installed

  • FIX: Corrected issue when restoring users which could result in missing group memberships

  • FIX:Fixed a handle leak in the Active Template Repair Service

  • FIX:Do not allow duplicate servers to be added to the Managed Servers list

  • FIX:Do not allowbuilt-in security principals to be used as user accounts for the Active Administrator services

Active Administrator v4.00
  • ENH: Object-Level Backup and Restore, including recovery of object attributes

  • ENH: Self-Healing Active Templates;Email Alerts on broken templates

  • ENH: Offline Group Policy Repository and RSoP Analysis

  • ENH: Active Directorypermissions display in a green color when they are managed by Active Templates

  • ENH: Active Templates, Group Policy History, Offline GPOs and Active DirectoryObject-Level Backups are all stored in one file share

Active Administrator Updates and Upgrades

In case you have an older version of Active Administrator that you wish to update or reactivate maintenance on, please contact us.

Active Administrator Version History

Active Administrator v3.25

  • FIX: Corrected issue where disabled policies may appear as enabled in reports.

  • FIX: Windows XP Service Pack 2 ADM files now are able to be used in reports.

  • FIX: Security Monitor Agent was showing exception on console.

  • FIX: Changed how event for Enable or Disable account was handled in Windows 2003 Active Directory.

  • ENH: User will be notified if the Windows 2000/2003 Admin Pack - which is required to implement certain AD operations - is not installed.

  • ENH: Updated Domain Controller Agent to version (Agent 29)

  • FIX: Agent 29 fixes a resource leak found in Agent 22 or lower

  • FIX: Updated the Group Policy History Service to fix a TCP resource leak found when running on Windows 2000 only.

  • FIX: Console - fixed a bug relating to resolving GUIDs in Active Directory for viewing proper AD permissions.

Active Administrator v3.04
  • ENH: Updated Domain Controller Agent to version

Active Administrator v3.03
  • ENH: Added Group Policy History service.

  • ENH: Added Active Directory auditing feature.

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