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  • Report on your ActiveDirectory
  • Document your access rights
  • Archive rights in database
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Enterprise Security Reporter Updates and Upgrades

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Enterprise Security Reporter Version History

Enterprise Security Reporter 3.0

  • NEW: Delta reporting allows reporting on the differences between 2 snapshots
  • NEW: Reporting console allows for easier customization and creation of reports
  • ENH: Vastly improved discovery performance using a new discovery agent
  • ENH: A simpler, streamlined UI to allow for easier definition and central management of discoveries
  • ENH: Significant performance improvements over WANs, including the use of remote discovery servers
  • ENH: Over 80 pre-defined, categorized reports included and updated

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.22
  • ENH: Added the ability to specify that a computer only be discovered from a specific discovery machine (under the "Options" tab in the Discovery Console).

  • FIX: Changed the discovery process to not set the BatchID in the Computer table to "0" (zero) until the discovery process is complete, thus preventing incomplete data sets from being included in reports.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.21
  • FIX: Long-running discoveries were being prematurely terminated, leaving the job in a "Processing" state.

  • FIX: The "Delta Permissions" checkbox was not always getting set properly in the Discovery Console.

  • ENH: A "/IMPORT" switch was added to the "DiscoverCMD.exe" utility to allow a list of servers to be easily imported. The format for the server list file must be in a "DomainName\ServerName" format with one entry per line.

  • ENH: In the Reporting Console on the Permissions Report Builder, when you select the "Specific Paths" scope, you now have the option to include all paths under the selected path or only the selected path. Double-click the "Yes/No" indicator to change the selection.

  • ENH: Added "Change Domain" button to the Lookup OU screen.

  • ENH: Added "All User Information" report under "Users" category to display all recorded information about all users in the database.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.20
  • FIX: When a discovery group contains a computer where the listed domain name is different from the actual domain name, the discovery group entry was not being updated with the new domain name.

  • FIX: When an "Access Denied" error message was received while retrieving the ACL on a share, the error message was reporting that access was denied for all shares.
  • FIX: The log entries portion of the "Logs" tab was not being cleared out when you clicked on a server that had never been discovered.

  • FIX: When a NULL security descriptor was encountered on a share, an error 5 was being reported.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.19
  • FIX: Added a memory throttling mechanism to prevent discovery agents from consuming all available physical memory. Improves the performance of very large discoveries.

  • ENH: Changed splash screen to new ?ScriptLogic Corporation? graphic.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.17
  • ENH: Added an "Administrative" vs. "Non-Administrative" shares option to the "All shares on computer" scope in the Permissions Report Builder.
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the discovery queue where large queues were using all available CPU cycles.

  • FIX: Fixed a problem saving and loading permission report builder files.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.15c
  • FIX: Fixed issue with Group Membership Report Builder & Permission Report Builder

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.15
  • ENH: Added ability to pick a single scope in the permissions and group report builders.

  • ENH: Enhanced performance of the Discovery Monitor.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.14
  • ENH: Added option to exclude "Domain Users" and "Everyone" groups from permissions reports

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.12.
  • ENH: Added ability to limit discovery of user and groups to a particular Organizational Unit in Active Directory.

  • ENH: Enhanced speed of discovering users and groups in Active Directory.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.11
  • ENH: Added "RemoveNonCurrentJobs" utility, which can be manually scheduled to delete all non-active jobs each evening.

  • FIX: Fixed problem editing enterprise scopes

  • FIX: Fixed permissions report problem when grouping by account name

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.10
  • FIX: Fixed group membership report problem related to grouping accounts

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.09
  • ENH: Increased speed of purging previous discovery jobs

  • ENH: Added a "Jobs" menu that allows purging of multiple jobs simultaneously

  • FIX: (Enterprise Security Reporter 2.09a) Fixed screen rendering problem introduced by Windows XP Service Pack 1

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.08
  • FIX: Group member domain information was not being discovered correctly under certain circumstances

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.07
  • FIX: Fixed issues related to discovering Active Directory information.

  • ENH: Added "All Groups with No Members" report.

  • ENH: Added "Groups with No Permissions Under Folder" report.

  • ENH: Added "Users with No Permissions Under Folder" report.

  • ENH: Added 3 new discovery information reports.

  • ENH: Added option for limiting folder depth on discovery (i.e. only discover top 3 folders)

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.06
  • FIX: Fixed issues related to discovering Active Directory information.

  • ENH: Improved report export functionality.

  • ENH: Added the ability to view an "expanded group membership" report.

  • FIX: Fixed issue with processing extremely long queries.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.02
  • FIX: ESREnterprise Security Reporter 2. will not discover folders with more than 50,000 files.

  • ENH: Added "Effective Group Memberships" report.

  • ENH: Added ability to select multiple accounts at a time in the report builders.

  • ENH: Added support for discovery nested groups (Active Directory).

  • ENH: Added better and easier security support to the database maintenance utility.

  • FIX: Fixed HTML export of reports.

  • ENH: Added "Distinguished Name" field to group and user tables (Active Directory).

  • FIX: Fixed "Null Security Descriptor" SID resolution problem.

  • FIX: Fixed the "Lookup Path" button on the "Specific Paths" screen in the Permissions report builder.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.01
  • ENH: Added feature to globally exclude all folders with a certain name, i.e. "Temporary Internet Files".

  • FIX: Excluded paths were not always being correctly excluded for the discovery.

  • FIX: Configuration data for a server was not being removed from the database when a server was deleted.

  • FIX: Certain SQL Server Enterprise Security Reporter 2.000 configurations were producing "COLLATION" errors.

  • FIX: When viewing the discovery logs in the Reporting Console, the error "Element Not Found" would sometimes be displayed.

  • ENH: Added the "Accounts With Permissions On Computer, Network or Enterprise Scope" reports.

  • ENH: Added SQL Server version check to the Database Maintenance utility to prevent installation on wrong versions of SQL Server.

  • ENH: Added ability to view the query that generated the report (via the "View Query" button on the Report Preview screen).
  • ENH: Added ability to re-execute a query on Query Results screen.

  • FIX: Reports were displaying "Account Unknown" instead of the associated SID for the account.

  • FIX: DiscoverCMD.EXE was launching the Discovery Monitor, which would prevent scheduled discoveries from completing successfully.

  • FIX: Discovery Monitor would previously allow multiple entries for a server on the queue screen.

  • FIX: Certain group membership records were not being displayed properly.

Enterprise Security Reporter 2.00
  • ENH: Initial release

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