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Print Manager Plus Case Study Acedemic. Yale University

About Yale University
In 1915, Yale founded the countrys first academic program in public health. That program is now one of the few nationally accredited schools of public health that is a department within a medical school. Throughout its history, the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health (EPH) at the Yale School of Medicine has played a pivotal role in addressing central public health issues through innovative research, policy analysis and teaching that draw upon multidisciplinary scholarship from across the graduate and professional programs at Yale.

EPH faculty and students are organized under six academic divisions: Biostatistics; Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Environmental Health Sciences; Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases; Health Policy and Administration; and Global Health. The educational program at EPH is designed to train future leaders in public health research, education and practice, through a unique sequencing of courses, community-based programmatic activities, and field or laboratory research. Students benefit from an emphasis on problem-solving and strong training in a variety of disciplines, combined with a multidisciplinary approach fostered by close relationships with other professional schools at Yale such as Medicine, Nursing, Management, Law, Forestry & Environmental Studies, and the Arts and Sciences.

Global in spirit and content, the EPH faculty seek to advance scientific discovery and education in order to implement the most effective approaches to protect the health of the public. This includes:
- understanding the biological and behavioral characteristics of old and new diseases;
- developing sound policies and interventions to control these diseases;
- Strengthening our health care systems to maximize cost-effective prevention and clinical care.

To fully realize our mission to protect and improve the publics health, we recognize that we must have a fundamental concern with the key societal factors that enable disease to thrive, such as poverty and economic inequity, and racial and sexual discrimination.

While our vision of public health is global in scope, we strive to provide prevention and care services to our local community as part of our research and teaching. Yale faculty and students are involved with a wide range of community-based social, political, and business organizations, many in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. D

Description of Network
# of Print Server: 1 Windows 2000
# of Workstations: 50 Windows 2000
# of Printers: 6 HP LaserJet 4000, 4100 2 - 5SiMx, 2 - 4300N
# of Users - 300

Description of initial problem
Our printing costs have increased significantly over the past four years. The Department of Epidemiology and Public Health has the only student computer lab on The School of Medicine Campus that offered free printing for students. Two years ago we reduced the number of users of the lab to those only those taking classes with the EPH program, while this decreased the costs a bit we still found printing costs to be extremely high. We began research for print solutions without having to invest a large amount of capital for hardware.

Description of Solution
EPH learned about Print Manager Plus from another computer lab manager here at Yale, I began testing in our lab environment. The test environment allowed us to track who was printing and how much. With the option of have present limits we believe that this will make students think before printing unnecessary items just because a printer was available. We believe that this solution will prevent irresponsible printing because the students will think twice knowing that they have to pay for printing.

We anticipate that this solution may save us up to $10,000 per year in printing costs. This will allow us to put this money back into the lab by purchasing new printer more often and we plan to make a color laser printer available after the first year of use of this software.

Print Manager Plus Case Study Acedemic. Yale University

Print Manager Plus Case Study Acedemic

About Delaware Valley Friends School Delaware Valley Friends School was incorporated in 1986 as a coeducational, independent Friends School for adolescents with learning differences. The school opened in 1987 with 22 students.

The school is operated by a Board of Directors and is under the care of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. The program attracts students with learning differences from independent and public schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Description of Network
# of Print Servers: 2000
# of Workstations: 188 Macintosh laptops, 55 Windows XP
# of Printers:
9 B/W - 9
2 - Canon ir 600
1 - Canon ir2200
6 - HP LaserJet 5

# of Users: 235

Description of initial problem
Initially we had no control over who printed to what printer, or how many prints. We were investigating Canons Netspot accountant and Equitrac. Netspot didnt support Macintosh computers and Equitrac was so expensive we could never recoup the expense of the system with potential savings.

Description of Solution
Our evaluation is going as planned. The software installed flawlessly. We learned that our Macintosh workstations should be rebooted after selecting the printer queues for the prints to be accounted for properly.

We reconfigured our printers Ethernet switch so they could only communicate with the print server and can be reconnected with a single cable move. This forces all workstations to print through the print accounting server and gives us a quick solution in case the server has a hardware problem. We are currently printing between 600,000 and 700,000 pages per school year. It is our belief that our volume of prints will be reduced. In the past faculty and staff members had been printing large jobs to our student HP printers because they were closer to their classrooms. We believe that our faculty and staff members are much more likely to print to our less expensive high volume machines now that their prints are being accounted for. This system could cut our printing costs by up to 1/3.

This is significant as the volume of prints at DVFS has increased every year.

Print Manager Plus Case Study Acedemic

Case Study Marsh Inc.

About Marsh Inc.
Marsh Inc. is the world's leading risk and insurance services firm. Our mission is "To create and deliver risk solutions and services that make our clients more successful." Since our formation in 1871, we have grown into an enterprise with 410 owned-and-operated offices and 38,000 colleagues, who serve clients in more than 100 countries. Marsh's annual revenues are $5.9 billion.

Print Manager Plus Case Study
Description of Network
# of Print Servers: 1 Windows2000
# of Workstations: 405 running Windows 98 and Windows XP
# of Printers:
57 B&W
36 HP 4000
HP 9000 Color
21 Tek 840
860, HP 4600

# of Users: 315

Description of initial problem
The initial problem was and is the consumables for color printing alone were estimated at $137,000 USD per year. I needed to know what, who and where information was being printed.

With this software I can narrow down where the issues are. Before we had no way of telling what people were printing, now we can.

Description of solution
With the Software and reporting I can see what is being printed and how. I can use the reports to advise the department managers of abuse and give the statistics to the office trainer to assist them in training the users who are printing to the wrong type of printer. This would be printing email to color, printing large proposals to a 4000 instead of sending it to word processing.

Also we can average the users and see when someone is out of average and help provide resources to help them perform their job function more efficiently.

The development teams at Software Shelf are assisting me in achieving my goals. They have helped trouble shoot, develop new reports, modify existing reports and have done so with a great attitude.

Case Study Marsh Inc.

Print Manager Plus Reduces Printing Costs by 50%

Print Manager Plus® Indispensable to Enterprise Printing - Reduces Printing Costs by 50%

New Statistics from IBM show that the average office-based employee is printing as much as 13,000 pieces of paper annually at an average "hard-cost revenue loss" of up to 3 percent per company per year.

More documents are printed now than any time in history at a cost in some companies equivalent to 15% of their gross revenues according to Datamation. This is because Print Costs are not audited or tracked and go uncontrolled.

If you are on a Windows operating system there is no software in existence that is Microsoft verified or certified compatible that will help solve this cost problem except Print Manager Plus. It is indispensable in cutting the fastest growing and most out of control costs in any organizational environment using computers and printers.

A new InfoWorld Article outlined the vital need to control the cost of printing stating various factors:

"Far from creating the paperless office, the digital age is responsible for an increase, not decrease, in document generation.

"No one seems to have considered that, although electronic media provide a convenient way to archive, people still prefer to read print on a page, which often results in the same document being printed many times."

A recent success story from a System Administrator over a university Dept. of Engineering print enterprise says that Print Manager Plus allowed him to reduce the cost of printing by 50%. The story says:

"Once installing the Print Manager Plus using it is simple. Just double click on it and you can view basic information of users' prints. Getting detailed information about users' prints and printers is as easy. We bought this software so we can monitor and charge users according to their usage. The laser printers that are monitored by the Print Manager Plus have still not needed consumables replacement since I installed the Print Manager Plus (so far 50% saving in the cost of printing). Being able to monit?or the prints on these printers reveal the questions management had regarding toner consumption. All our windows end-users print as before but with moderate quantities? This setup seems best suited to my need and proven to work flawlessly."

Whether a company or a school using Windows, the only way you can be sure of saving money on the cost of printing is by use of Print Manager Plus. It is indispensable.

Microsoft Writes:
Print Manager Plus allows you to quota and track user and printer usage for a complete print management solution. This system gives you control over these valuable resources, namely printers, paper and toner. No more wasted budget resulting from uncontrolled and irresponsible printing. You'll be amazed how much you can save by just tracking this outflow.

Print Manager Plus was written from the ground up as a native 32-bit application and service. It allows quota and tracking of all printing activity on a Windows NT/2000/2003 Network. It will track pages being printed from Windows 2003/2000/NT 4.0, 3.51, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX (all flavors), and OS/2 clients.
Print Manager Plus installs in seconds on any Windows NT/2000/2003 print server and is so cost-effective it often pays for itself within 10 days. If you run on budgets and especially if you are responsible for printing, you need Print Manager Plus.  Passed all Veritest requirements. Fully XP Logo Certified, Veritest Verified for Windows 2003 Server.

Print Manager Plus is the only print management software in the industry offered by Microsoft. Read the full information directly on Microsofts website:
View the Microsoft Recomendation of Print Manager Plus.

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