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  • Copy data between servers with Security Intact
  • Replacement for Robocopy
  • SecureCopy is perfect for Migrations
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SecureCopy Updates and Upgrades

In case you have an older version of SecureCopy, you wish to update or reactivate maintenance on, please contact us.

SecureCopy Version History

SecureCopy 4.07

  • FIX: Fixed issue with log files not being written to the correct path

  • FIX: #171 - Job stops when path does not exist.

  • FIX: #173 - Right Click Saved Job and select Test - unexpected dialog appears

  • FIX: #180 - Add logging of new sync options (target vs subfolders) to indicate which was selected

  • FIX: #182 - Path missing a trailing backslash causes job to end. Also, editor does not add trailing backslashes to previously saved jobs

  • FIX: #183 - Sync option is not starting from the correct level as set out in the extended options

  • FIX: #184 - Migrate file shares to destination server: option not showing correct info in log file

  • FIX: #187 - Fixed issue where jobs might not complete and Secure Copy could exit, especially on high performance systems with SAN arrays

  • FIX: #192 - Migrate local users. Fixed issue where local users might not get migrated

  • FIX: #228 - Fixed issue where "percent complete" might remain at 0% on large copy jobs

  • ENH: #174 - Log Purged data, even during Test runs

  • ENH: #181 - Add text to log file that will distinguish a test vs an actual run

SecureCopy 4.05
  • FIX: Corrected issue where negative numbers could appear in bytes copied field

  • FIX: Corrected issue with log file summary showing an incorrect amount of data copied

  • FIX: Corrected issue where global groups in the local Administrators group were not added as members of the local Administrators group on the target

  • FIX: Corrected issue where migration of a file share between Windows 2003 servers performed by running Secure Copy on Windows XP produced erroneous dates, corrupting the file share's time and date information

  • FIX: Corrected issue where if a value was defined for either "Add the prefix" or "Add the suffix" in "Migrate local groups", that value would be listed as defined for both in the log file

  • ENH: Added new synchronize option which synchronizes subfolders of the source and target folders. This feature now purges "orphaned" files/folders in subfolders on the target with subfolders on the source. It makes the contents of all subfolders on the target identical to subfolders on the source with the same name. Any files or folders in subfolders on the target that no longer exist in the subfolders of the source are deleted.

  • ENH: Added warning dialog to alert user to potential consequences of using synchronize feature with multiple source paths.

  • ENH: User is prompted to name unsaved jobs before they are run

  • ENH: "Save Job As..." icon added to console's Toolbar

  • ENH: New option to not update files which have last-modified times within 2 seconds of the source. This avoids the file-time granularity issue that occurs when copying from NTFS to FAT, and then back to an NTFS file system. (File-time granularity is 100 nanoseconds on NTFS, and 2 seconds on FAT)

SecureCopy 4.04
  • FIX: Corrected a locking issue that could occur when the retry option is selected.

  • FIX: Corrected informational message that is displayed when no batch count is specified.

  • FIX: Installer now correctly upgrades previous version.

SecureCopy 4.03
  • FIX: Corrected a stalling issue that could occur during copy operations.

  • Changed architecture so that large files are no longer assigned to one thread.

  • Removed progress bar.

SecureCopy 4.02
  • FIX: When multiple source paths are specified and the Create initial source folder under target folder check box is unchecked, the Synchronize Target with Source option will be unavailable.

  • FIX: Corrected a behavior where Directory not empty along with Access denied errors could occur when: (a) the Synchronize Target with Source option is selected, and (b) the attributes of the data set to be copied was both Read only and Hidden.

  • FIX: When the Synchronize Target with Source option is selected, files would not be deleted from the target if their attributes are set to Read only.

  • FIX: When a job is run with the Synchronize Target with Source option enabled, the SecureJobCopy4.exe process terminates within a few seconds of the job starting.

  • FIX: Corrected behavior where values for the thread count, batch count, and batch size parameters from a previously loaded job are specified automatically for the next new newly-created job.

  • FIX: The securecopy4.ssd configuration file would be deleted after reconfiguring the account credentials that a scheduled job was to run under, and then running that job interactively.

SecureCopy 4.01
  • ENH: Moved the set password functionality from the Advanced Options tab to the Migrate local groups/users tab.

  • ENH: Source and target path information are included in the log file.
  • ENH: Secure Copy 4 can be installed cleanly using a Secure Copy 3 NFR license file under maintenance.

  • FIX: Job progress dialog box remains suppressed when job is invoked from command line with /Q switch.

  • FIX: Incorrect license information no longer appears in the title bar when a valid license file is applied.

  • FIX: Total files skipped now reported correctly in the log file.
  • FIX: Batch size is now reported correctly in the log file.
  • FIX: Corrected issue when trying to migrate local users and groups into a specific OU within Active Directory
  • FIX: Adverse impact on Service Explorer 2 when Secure Copy 4 was installed on the same system.

  • FIX: Context menu functionality restored to Saved Jobs tab.
  • FIX: Job parameter fields no longer accept invalid data.
  • FIX: Variables used to insert a date & time stamp into a log file name ("#DATE#" or "%DATE%") now work.

  • FIX: Second instance of Secure Copy is no longer created in the background when a job is initiated.

SecureCopy 4.00 (Released March 2005)
  • Revised User Interface

  • MultiThreaded Copying

  • ENH: Multithreaded copy for faster migrations.

SecureCopy 3.81
  • ENH: Secure Copy no longer pauses when looking for cluster services on target machine.

SecureCopy 3.80b
  • FIX: Program crashes on selection of source or target paths. Issue only affects original 3.80 release.

SecureCopy 3.80
  • FIX: Using the /Q or /QUIET switches with SecureJobCopy3.exe could cause program to crash. This also caused crashes in the scheduled jobs which run SecureJobCopy3.exe.

SecureCopy 3.71
  • ENH: Added option to verify copy. This option generates CRC values for source and destination files and compares them to ensure copy completed successfully.
  • ENH: Added ability to use a map file. Map file enables mapping of source and target migrated groups and users.
  • ENH: Added new filter files options to allow filtering based on file size, date and recursion depth.
  • FIX: When selecting a server name in source path by browsing, server was added as \\servername which prevented jobs from running. Behavior is changed to select all administrative hard drive shares now when server name is selected.

SecureCopy 3.70
  • FIX: Drive roots not shared out because trailing backslash is removed.
  • FIX: Local users not migrated when IP address is used.
  • FIX: Access Denied error on synchronize if user does not have explicit rights.

SecureCopy 3.60
  • EHN: Added ability to browse Active Directory for computers and paths.

SecureCopy 3.54
  • FIX: When migrating data from a domain controller to a member server with the option to migrate local groups/users set, permissions on copied files would not retain permissions that contained global groups.

SecureCopy 3.53
  • EHN: Added ability specify a password for migrated user accounts.

SecureCopy 3.52
  • EHN: Added ability to choose whether or not to migrate local groups or local users.
  • EHN: Added ability synchronize target members with source members.

SecureCopy 3.51
  • FIX: Cluster share migration causes jobs to be cancelled.

SecureCopy 3.50
  • ENH: Added ability to migrate local groups/users to Active Directory.
  • ENH: Added abilty to migrate local groups/users to a Windows NT 4.0 domain.
  • ENH: Added Advanced Options to General Copy Options.
  • ENH: Added BUILT-IN groups append options.
  • ENH: Added "Reset Last Accessed Date on source files" copy option.
  • ENH: Added "Synchronize Last Accessed Date and Create Date on target w/source" copy option.
  • ENH: Added "Always copy perms, even on skipped files" copy option.
  • ENH: Added "Clear Archive Bit on source after copying" copy option.
  • FIX: SCSI miniport error causes kernel processes to be read incorrectly causing jobs to cancel without reason.

SecureCopy 3.08
  • ENH: Added verbose logging
  • ENH: Added option to compress or not compress target files.

SecureCopy 3.06
  • FIX: "Error more data" error fixed when enumerating local groups with many members .
  • FIX: Cancelling of jobs due to remote control software Escape key disabled for cancelling jobs).
  • FIX: Now leaves the "Last Accessed Date" untouched on source server, and copies "Created, Modified, and Accessed" dates to the destination files so that both files have "Exactly" the same time stamp.
  • FIX: Secure Copy now migrates local groups to ALL destination servers in the list.

SecureCopy 3.04
  • FIX: Proper migration of well known local groups on non-english versions of NT/2000.

  • FIX: Dr. Watson error when synchronizing data.

SecureCopy 3.03
  • FIX: When removing a filter from saved job, the job was not saving the information correctly. This has been resolved.
  • FIX: Data was not been retained on the target location when synchronizing multiple source paths with a single target path and the "Copy initial source folder" was not checked.
  • FIX: Blank paths are no longer saved in a job.
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with Secure Copy hanging when migrating local groups with a single "Account Unknown" member. This problem has been resolved.
  • ENH: If a file is compressed on the source, when it's copied, it will be compressed on the destination.

SecureCopy 3.02
  • FIX:"Error 429: ActiveX component cannot create object" error.

SecureCopy 3.0
  • ENH: Job Scheduling-Once you have saved a job, you can then schedule that job to run at specified intervals. This feature now requires the Task Scheduler to be installed. It's installed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater (IE5.0) You no longer have to be logged on in order for your scheduled jobs to run.
  • ENH: Now supports Multiple Copy Destinations-Copy files from one source server to multiple destinations - all in the same job. Replicate your data to multiple machines around the network with this new feature. Great for websites and project data.
  • ENH: Include and exclude specified file types or entire folders from your copy job. You may wish to exclude "TMP" files, or only copy "DOC", and "XLS" files or exclude folders named "Temporary Internet Files".

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