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  • Change and manage Server Security
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Report and Backup ACLs
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Security Explorer Technical Highlights

Provides user-friendly interface to file, share and registry security

  • Easier to use than native ACL editor.

  • Fully integrated into the Windows NT/2000/2003/XP shell.

  • View and set permissions to any file on your network with adm.

  • Override functionality for Administrative rights.

Fault Tolerant Permissions
  • Backup a volume's NTFS permissions to a file using the GUI

  • Use command line interface or the "SXPBackup.exe"

  • Quickly restore NTFS permissions from your backup file.

  • Granular restore allows you to restore permissions for the entire volume

  • Option to choose the folders you would like to restore manually.

Enable precise assessment of NTFS and share security
  • Export your NTFS permissions to any ODBC database.

  • Search down a directory tree for a group or user's permissions.

  • Find where the Everyone group has explicit NTFS permission quickly.

Security Explorer Technical Highlights

Local and Enterprise-Wide Access.
Manage security on both the local server as well as establish security settings on multiple servers.

Instant Access to Security.
No more navigating through folders or registry keys and having to select Properties. Security Explorer's easy to use interface incorporates a simple navigation pane that lists both assigned and inherited permissions in a separate security pane for selected objects. The Windows Explorer interface has been extended so it can also be used to directly access and manage NTFS permissions.

Complete Security Management.
Security Explorer not only lists the current security settings, but allows full granting, revoking and modifying of permissions, modifying group membership, and cloning existing permissions onto other accounts.

Permission Searches.
Security Explorer lets administrators search NTFS volumes for specific assignments to a user or group.

Administrative Override.
No more "Access Denied" when setting permissions. Security Explorer can manage the security settings of file and folders administrators would normally be blocked from accessing.

Assign Ownership.
Unlike the native tools with Windows where you have to take ownership, Security Explorer assigns ownership to files and folders without the need for the Take Ownership right.

Documenting Security.
With Security Explorer, you can print out the security settings to easy to read reports.

Backup and Restore.
Security Explorers backup and restore feature gives administrators the ability to store and recover NTFS security on files and folder without having to backup or restore the files and folders themselves.

Open File Management.
Because you are establishing security and may want to disconnect users from files so new security settings take effect, Security Explorer has a centralized open file management interface built in. Servers can be queried for open files and select resources can be closed.

Command Line.
Security Explorer provides a command line interface so you can script your permission management.

Security Explorer Version History

SecurityExplorer 5

  • ENH: Multi-threaded architecture allows continued use of UI while long operations continue ina separate window

  • ENH: More Windows Explorer functions added to right-click menus to reduce switching between windows

  • ENH: Improved, updated user interface with more feedback and progress bars when handling large sets of files and folders

  • ENH: "Favorites"function speeds access to frequently-used files, shares, registry keys and printers

  • ENH: Multiple permissions can now be copied and pasted

  • ENH: Version 5 manages printer security in addition to files, registry keys and shares

  • ENH: Clone function can now be auto-populated with data when moving accounts between domains

  • ENH: Clone function now has automated method for updating SIDs in file ACLs when migrating from NT4 to Active Directory

  • ENH: Backup/Restore now includes registry security too

  • ENH: Scheduling of backups on remote computers

  • ENH: Permissions search can now filter inherited and/or explicit permissions

  • EHH: Revoke of ACEs that used SIDs from unknown accounts now logs activities too

  • ENH: Export of permissions includes more data, e.g. whether inherited

SecurityExplorer 4.85
  • FIX: Corrected refresh issue for permissions applied through the shell integration context menu.

  • FIX: The extension '.txt' is appended automatically to the filename of log files.
  • FIX: Installation of Security Explorer no longer inhibits opening multiple files using right-click context menu.

  • FIX: Corrected issue where UI would hang when the focus of a security descriptor backup was set from within the Backup dialog box.

SecurityExplorer 4.80

  • ENH: Added ability to export security descriptors to tab-delimited file

  • FIX: Fixed registration verification

  • FIX: Changed the way account SIDs are looked up on remote computers

  • ENH: Improved ability to handle long network paths

  • ENH:Added "Preferred Servers" node to NTFS tree

  • FIX: Fixed handling of dates for operations than span more than one day

  • ENH: Improved ability to handle multiple accounts in a single operation

  • ENH: Added ability to show hidden servers

SecurityExplorer 4.70

  • ENH: Added ability to export security descriptors to a tab-delimited file.

  • ENH: Added a Preferred Server List to facilitate operations on a very large network.

  • ENH: Improved inter-operability with Windows NT SecurityExplorer 4.0.

  • ENH: Improved ability to add new members to groups.

  • ENH: Improved wording of multiple error messages

  • FIX: Fixed a crash if the license file path is not found in the Registry.

  • FIX: Fixed handling of unknown account names.

  • FIX: Restore to Alternate Location now uses the Alternate Location server for account SID resolution.

  • FIX: Fixed an intermittent crash during Restore function.

  • FIX: Fixed incorrect handling of Export function when exporting security descriptors on Enterprise Scopes.

SecurityExplorer 4.67

  • ENH: Added ability to get groups and users from Active Directory for browse list in Grant and Revoke as "Advanced User Selection..." option.

  • FIX: Recursion depth on Export and Search functions ignores specified value.

  • FIX: Crash when no object is selected during right click inside application.

  • FIX: Crash when certain domains are selected from drop down boxes in Grant and Revoke functions.

SecurityExplorer 4.66

  • FIX: Corrected memory leak in Grant function that causes "Out of Memory" error when used on a large amount of files.

  • FIX: Corrected memory leak in Clone function that causes "Out of Memory" error when used on a large amount of files.

  • FIX: Corrected memory leak in Revoke function that causes "Out of Memory" error when used on a large amount of files.

  • FIX: Command line utilities sxpgrant.exe, sxpclone.exe, sxpbackup.exe and sxpexport.exe updated to fix memory leak conditions.

  • FIX: Virtual server names and physical node names no longer added to licensed server list. Only clustername and clustername (2nd node) will be added when managing a clustered environment.

  • FIX: Only active computers are now shown under explorer view in NTFS permissions tab to reduce overhead of displaying machine name list.

  • FIX: Fixed group members from remote domain global groups not correctly shown when placed inside local groups from a domain.

  • FIX: Fixed domain local groups not showing up in the Search list when searching for permissions on member servers.

SecurityExplorer 4.65

  • ENH: Added SxpRenameAccount.exe command line utility.

  • ENH: Backup and restore revised to backup all security descriptors individually ensuring correct backup and restore.

  • FIX: SxpBackup.exe command line utility updated to reflect functionality changes in GUI backup and restore.

  • FIX: Resolved issue with shares being added incorrectly to Enterprise Scopes when selected as part of an entire computer in GUI.

  • FIX: SxpGrant.exe commandline utility updated to address issues with security being set inconsistently.

  • FIX: Corrected issue where SxpExport.exe command line would not export permissions correctly, but GUI would.

  • FIX: Group members would not show up or display improper characters when group membership was viewed using Security Explorer GUI.

SecurityExplorer 4.60

  • FIX: Export cause application to crash during Enterprise Scope export.

  • FIX: Open files would not close when certain basepaths were chosen.

  • FIX: Nested group membership was not displayed correctly on Windows 2000.

  • FIX: File and folder counts not properly updated during export.

  • FIX: Selecting entire computers or domains yielded only default
  • administrative shares when selections were made for file shares in Enterprise Scopes.

SecurityExplorer 4.50

  • FIX: Backup and restore functions were improperly setting file permissions and inheritance.

  • FIX: Restore to an alternate location was improperly setting permissions on files and folders in certain circumstances.

SecurityExplorer 4.31

  • ENH: Displays the account SIDs textually in the permissions list.

SecurityExplorer 4.30

  • FIX: Backup and Restore functionality is faster and requires less memory and disk space.

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes./LI>
  • ENH: Windows Installer distribution. Note: Requires uninstall of previous versions.

SecurityExplorer 4.22

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes on backup/restore Version SecurityExplorer 4.21

  • FIX: Restore to alternate location bug, Minor UI changes, Export file access bug.

SecurityExplorer 4.20

  • ENH: Much more powerful and flexible backup and restore capabilities.

  • ENH: SXPBackup can now take a a file with a list of backup paths. This enables you to backup all of your servers at once. You can also save the command line to a batch file and schedule it in the Microsoft Task Scheduler to run overnight.

  • FIX: Any registration problems with swExpTree.OCX have been fixed.

SecurityExplorer 4.11

  • ENH: Added the ability to rename any group and/or user. Renaming a group in this way will not modify its Security Identifier(SID).

  • ENH: Modified the Clone screen to easily select clone pairs from two domains.

  • ENH: Added full Internationalization support for all multi-byte languages.

  • FIX: Small GUI problems.

  • SecurityExplorer 4.06
  • FIX: Fixed the NTFS Export summary mode.

SecurityExplorer 4.05d

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the search feature. You now have the ability to include a remote servers local groups in the search criteria, as well as the domain local groups.

SecurityExplorer 4.04

  • FIX: Fixed a problem when revoking permissions on Windows 2000 servers.

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with getting share permissions on certain shares.

  • ENH: Added the ability to launch Security Explorer into a particular folder from the right-click menu.

  • ENH: Added an address bar to the NTFS page of Security Explorer.

SecurityExplorer 4.03

  • FIX: Fixed a problem while revoking permissions down an entire directory tree.

  • FIX: Fixed a problem where the export feature caused an inaccurate "Licensed Server List" count.

  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the "Revoke all Unknown or Deleted Accounts" feature.

  • MAINTENANCE: Created a new licensing scheme (License File vs License Key).

SecurityExplorer 4.0

  • ENH: Fully supports the new NTFS inheritance model found in Windows 2000.

  • ENH: Auto-detect the operating system when making permissions changes on remote servers, so you can use Security Explorer safely in a mixed (Windows NT / Windows 2000) environment.

  • ENH: Allows you to override protected objects, and allow the permissions modifications to propagate down to all subdirectories, files, and folders, including protected objects.

  • ENH: Fully supports Windows 2000s set of extended permissions.

  • ENH: UNICODE compliant.

  • ENH: Added the ability to select multiple computers, or domains in Enterprise Scopes.

Security Explorer Technical Information

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